Is spanking pleasurable to women?

Spanking has become so common to sex such that more than 80% of all sexually active ladies have experienced it, and it’s no surprise. Spanking continues to be viewed as an excellent way of bringing about a bit of joyful pain into an intimate experience, and expand the range of sensations that to be experienced.

Whether it is a straight relationship or some gay spanking, it seems that a huge amount of people really do enjoy it. If done correctly, spanking can lead to orgasm. Spanking triggers the release of endorphins in a similar manner to when a woman reaches vaginal orgasm.

The endorphins released can be either minimal or mind blowing in quantity depending on the spanking tactic applied. Therefore, spanking becomes more pleasurable at times than others. Many factors need to be considered, however, to make spanking pleasurable, foreplay being the major one.

Foreplay leads to sexual stimulation and involves taking adequate time to please the partner. It allows the mind to focus on the lower region, leads to increased amount of endorphins released in the bloodstream, increase sensitivity, engage nerves and leads to more blood flow to the pussy.

Does Lack of Spanking lead to Juvenile Delinquency?

Everyone has different methods to discipline their children and set them straight. Some parents choose to use logic and patiently reason with their child and others choose to get more physical with him or her through spanking or other ways. Spanking has been a long debated issue among parents and even the law. Many are concerned about the potential psychological damage it could do to their child and have thus chosen to be against it.

Spanking has shown itself to be quite effective in getting a child back in line, even if for a temporary period. Some children respond well to it and others require more intense methods of correction. The fact is, all children need discipline. Lack of discipline whether it be spanking or some other method, can potentially produce disrespectful troublemakers. Ignoring a child’s poor behavior will lead him to think that this behavior is acceptable in society and could cause you to end up getting a phone call from law enforcement saying your child committed a crime in the future.

Spanking, or any other discipline isn’t necessarily harmful to kids as long as it does not cross the line into abuse. Being too harsh can cause bruises, cuts, or other injuries that could cause you to accumulate serious jail time. Be firm but let your child know that their behavior won’t be tolerated. Spanking when angry is also a no go. Your child might conclude that the problem is them instead of the wrong they committed. As the saying goes, disciplining them now saves you from having to bury them later.

Spanking can be effective when administered correctly, and if that’s the staple method of discipline in your family then a lack of it could produce harmful consequences. Your children are more likely to be damaged by the consequences of their potential delinquency rather than a few taps on their rear. If you’re consistent, then you’ll likely end up with a well behaved child.

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